Call for Papers „Data Visualization Between Local Research and Global Networks“ – Swiss Congress of Historical Sciences

Over the past few years, the visualization of data in the humanities has undergone a renaissance. Static charts have been succeeded by highly versatile and dynamic multi-medial graphs, a process enabled and accompanied by a rapid increase of standardized and open data, which has become globally accessible and connected.

Various factors accelerate these developments: the growing amount of computing capacity in the context of production, management and networking of digital data has not only produced new forms of research data but also new tools to use, process and visualize these data. Yet, from a methodological point of view, there have only been some light reflections about how these new forms can be used in historical research and what methodological consequences they entail.To complement our current range of papers, we are looking for further contributions about theoretical and/or empirical aspects of this topic, which focus on the opportunities of data visualization between local research and global networks.

The panel offers not only the opportunity to present projects but also aims to be a platform for a broader discussion about problems and best-practice solutions. Contributions can be published in a forthcoming edition of “Geschichte und Informatik”, the Journal of the Swiss Association for History and Computing.


Please submit your paper proposal (abstract of max. 250 words) and a short CV by email to The deadline for proposal submissions is May 6, 2012.