Library Science Talks: Transforming 200 years of newspaper articles into an information system

Prof. Frédéric Kaplan hält am 29. April 2014, 15.30 Uhr, im Rahmen der Library Science Talks an der Nationalbibliothek in Bern einen Vortrag zur Nutzung digitalisierter Zeitungsartikel als umfassende Informationsressource.

Vortragssprache: englisch
Adresse: Hallwylstrasse 15, 3003 Bern
Informationen der Nationalbibliothek

Am Vortag wird der gleiche Vortrag auch auf Französisch an der Bibliothèque de Genève gehalten.

Abstract of the talk:

„Le Temps“ newspaper is responsible for an archive of about 4 million articles covering a 200 year period. This archive is composed of the digitised version of the „Le Journal de Genève“, „La Gazette de Lausanne“ and „Nouveau Quotidien“. The archive is currently accessible through a website, searchable in full text but not yet semantically structured.
Mr. Kaplan will present a project at the Digital Humanities Laboratory (DHLAB) of the EPFL which investigates identifying all the named entities in the archive, such as places, persons and objects and developing a framework for named-entity recognition and disambiguation based on Wikipedia and other sources.


Bio of the speaker:

Prof Frédéric Kaplan holds the Digital Humanities Chair at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and directs the EPFL Digital Humanities Lab. He conducts research projects combining archive digitisation, information modelling and museographic design.